We are a passionate group of creators hoping to share the beautiful and bold culture of the Philippines. After reconnecting with my roots I decided to create an art project, build a creative community, and a film the entire process for a documentary to tell our story. Our people have been spread out all over the world, still connected through where we come from, but never truly feel settled. My ultimate goal is to help form a bond between creative Filipinos to each other as well as our native land, while letting the world know who we are.

Preserving Jeepney Culture
An undeniable symbol unique to the Philippines is the jeepney, a popular mode of public transportation that also serve as moving works of art. Customized to the individual taste of each driver, the brighter and crazier the jeepney, the more people will want to ride. Drivers are rewarded to display their personality and creativity – something I believe we need more of in the world!

To honor this very Filipino cultural icon, I am building my own jeepney to put on display at Burning man, the world’s biggest cultural and art gathering. We have partnered with Digital Permaculture to modify it into the image of the endangered Philippine eagle. Using their own state-of-the-art software and 3D mapping, it will be outfitted a steel frame, covered in fabric, and lined with LED’s to put on a spectacular light show at night.

The Camp
Along with building the art car we are founding a Burning Man theme camp called It’s More Fun in the Philippines! Our camp will be both the home base for everyone involved with the car, but also a place to showcase our unique culture through Filipino art, food, and music.

What will we do after Burning Man?
The car will tour the United States, attending music and culture festivals. We show our documentary and bring the Filipino spirit of “Mabuhay” wherever we go. I hope to inspire and spark positive change in the Philippines and keep our people together even if they are scattered around the world. Our continuing goal will be to show how active participation in your life, embracing your culture, and creating something beautiful can help give meaning to your world.
Saving the Philippine Eagle
The inspiration for the shape of the car has also led me to standing up to fight for the endangered Philippine eagle and draw attention to those trying to save the species. Not many are aware of the Philippine Eagle, a rare bird considered to be the most powerful in the world. There are less than a thousand birds left in the Philippines due to deforestation, hunting, and pesticides. By transforming our jeepney into a Philippine Eagle we hope to educate people about these majestic birds.
More information: http://www.philippineeagle.org/
Help Us Accomplish Our Dreams!
Over the last year we have completely exhausted our personal resources to help fund the project. If you would like to help us accomplish this enormous task, please know all proceeds go directly towards the jeepney’s design, build, transportation, camp, and filming the story to share. Contributing to our goal of $65,000 can be done through our campaign on Indiegogo or through the donate button at the top of the screen. Also sharing our campaign to get more eyes on the project can be the biggest way to help and is free!

Follow Us!
You can follow our progress through the blog posts on this site as well as through our Facebook page. We plan to show the entire build process, the emotionally charged ups and downs, and the physical journey from the Philippines to Burning Man as we navigate through our journey of crossing-cultures and spreading joy.

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