Communal Effort: Crowdfunding Starts Today!

The time has come after nine months of working around the clock, it’s time to start pushing hard because this baby wants out!

We are so close to achieving our dreams of having a Jeepney Eagle Art Car at Burning Man 2016. To support our artwork we have a Filipino theme-camp, “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” located at 4:15 and Italic. It’s with your help we can make this happen!

You can be part of this revolutionary movement to grow awareness for the Filipino Culture.

Our goal is to raise $65,000.  Your generous support can make that goal attainable. Any contribution is appreciated and no amount will go unnoticed.

Please watch our project video and read more about what we’re doing by visiting the project homepage. “Like” the project on Facebook and share it with as many people as you can.


Click here to share and donate!

We’ve curated some amazing perks that will fuel Philippine-based social entrepreneurs like, Bambike, a beach cruiser made out of sustainably sourced bamboo! The best part is that we have a special “made with love” perk for anyone who can donate $5. Ryan’s mom has been combing the beach for weeks, collecting washed up shells for handmade necklaces to help fundraise. She’s someone who has really understood the deeper meaning of Burning Man and the power of giving back. So much so that she insisted for every necklace we sell, we will bring one to the Playa to gift to a stranger.


Beautiful shells our Momma Eagle has been collecting on the beach that she’s turned into necklaces. 


Film-maker, adventurer, dog-lover, beach bum

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