Radical Self Reliance: I QUIT MY JOB FOR BURNING MAN

I have some crazy/exciting news for everyone – I QUIT MY JOB to build theJeepney Eagle Art Car!!!

I know taking this leap will raise concerns for those who care about me so please reach out if you’d like to discuss, but I wanted to lay out exactly why I’ve made this decision because it’s one that I’ve prepped my entire adult life for. Many believe in the traditional job, where you trade sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 for the security of a steady paycheck. It sounds like a safe bet, but there is a considerable amount of risk in becoming complacent, stunting your growth, and forgetting what YOU want in life. How many people started with a dream going into the workforce only to say “then life happened” and ended up letting the job shape their life?

I’ve sampled what the world has to offer, found amazing people who continue to push me, and now have the confidence to inspire others. This is something you can only do when you lead by example. I want to be my own product, with people coming to me for guidance so I can be of service like so many have done for me. This Jeepney Art car is my first step and a symbol of what is possible. To show the world that I am force to be reckoned with. Putting this on my resume will help to gain a following, a client base, and make lifelong allies as well. I believe building this will pay off in the long term for years to come. Not only for the story I will be able to tell of my own life, but the tools and connections I will make along the way.

I will be the one who said she was going to build and ship an eagle car from the Philippines to Burning man and DID IT. The one who followed her dream and can help other people realize their own. I am taking the skills I’ve acquired from going to school for film, networking with artists to put them on TV, and consulting with countless of entrepreneurs and creative folk who make THEMSELVES their business. Being your own product is the way to survive this new economy to make sure you can’t be replaced by anyone. It may sound scary, but it’s less risky to use your multiple skills to provide multiple streams of income than hope one job is going to get you through the rest of your life. People need to stay hungry to keep their networks growing, continue to build their skills, and their keep hearts and minds open. This Jeepney will set me apart and help to show that you can choose to be completely in control of your own life and feel 100% good about the choices you are making. It will be a beacon for the Philippines, artists, and dreamers alike.

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