Communal Effort: We Need Your Help

Today, I’m breaking the format of this blog and speak on a more intimate “me” level.

It’s my nature to be honest. I’m feeling super vulnerable and I felt it was important I share. People probably view me as a strong person who knows exactly what she wants. And I do! Whole heartedly, I clearly see my path as the creator of this Jeepney Art Car, a woman with a message and a warrior who fights for what is right.

Up until this point I don’t think I’ve done the best job explaining the message of Jeepney Art Car.

Climate change is a real thing. The facts are all there, please don’t believe what other people tell you because their words come with a veil over their eyes and deep pockets. The Philippines is “GROUND ZERO for climate disaster”. The country is continually being hit by stronger and more frequent tropical storms which are affecting and displacing thousands of people.

Art is a form of activism. Jeepney Art Car will travel far and wide to be a beacon of hope for the Philippines. Jeepney Art Car is the voice for the people of the Philippines, its animals and its land. The eagle head represents the Philippine Eagle, a majestic and powerful bird, and there are only a handful left. Our art car is a Call To Action!

This issue needs to be addressed NOW. Or people will continue to struggle, animals will suffer, and there will be nothing left for future generations. Is that what we want? It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about US and how we chose to treat our home, called Mother Earth.

Right now, it has been a juggling act for me. I want to devote my energy and attention to the task at hand. But I realize I can no longer do this alone. I appreciate everyone’s support so far, it’s our fuel that keeps the bus running.

What I need right now, is helping hands to assist me to secure funding, find a used Jeepney in the Philippines, rental space for a build in the Philippines, and administrative help. So if you or anyone you know might be interested in contributing their time to help with Jeepney Art Car’s message please give us a shout.

My partner Ryan and I have a dream. We will take it day by day, with one foot in front of another. Rest assured we are working tirelessly. The most important thing to us, even when jobs and life gets in the way. We knew this would be a tough road but we won’t stop until the Jeepney has travelled across the Pacific Ocean and touches the sacred Burning Man Playa.

Main Photo By: REUTERS/Erik De Castro

This is a video I made this morning. As a TV producer, I’m haven’t gotten use to being in front of the camera. But I didn’t let myself leave the house today until I recorded my feelings. It’s part of my journey and process. It will also contribute to the documentary we are producing about the art car and its story. Thank you for being a part of it. 

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